Saturday, June 15, 2013

Julie's Officially in Ohio!!!

My mom and Kammie were able to talk to Julie on Wednesday during her layover in Georgia.  The main take-away from it was that Julie is doing great!!  Julie attended the Tuesday night devotional at the BYU Marriott Center that you may have read about here  She even got to sing in the choir.  She was able to meet Elder Arnold of the Seventy and his wife.  

During her infield experience her and her companion were teaching a lady who could tell they were nervous, she asked them if they believed in the Bible and they told her yes.  She said that it says "Fear not" in there so they should remember that and fear not!  

Julie was one of twenty-five missionaries that flew out to the Columbus, Ohio mission on Wednesday.  At the airport while the missionaries were waiting to fly out they met up with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (they were going to Ohio too you can read about it here:  I think the MoTab made it to Ohio a little bit quicker than Julie did though! 

Julie loved her MTC experience, and said that everyone was so kind and that it was such a great spiritual experience and that the food was top notch as well!!  She said that there were 700 plus missionaries dropped off the day she was and 900 the next week.  So Julie was there during couple of busy weeks! 

Happy Sister Christiansen and Denison say hello to you! They are wonderful - thank you for raising great women! - Sister Denise Gold, Eastgate Ward, Cincinnati, Ohio

Can I tell you how happy my mom was to see this show up in her email on Friday.  So now the title of the blog is officially correct and Julie is in Ohio!! 

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