Monday, June 10, 2013

The Second Letter!!!

My favorite peeps
Wow this week has flown by!!! Today we had to do laundry and I'll let you know it wasn't my fav! Ewww it was toasty with all those dryers going and so Sister J and I spent some time outside and I attempted to get caught up on my journaling, but alas. oh well!
  I feel like I have been in the MTC my whole life but I love it!! My district is seriously the coolest people, I am so glad we are all going to the same place so that I can still see them all.  I feel bad I forgot to tell you to tell Gpa Happy Birthday so Happy Bday Gpa.  Yay for Wyatt Wayne, he is soooo cute! I am so excited for him and I love the pictures.  Thanks for that.  I am so excited for Kelsie and Jocelyn that is awesome.  They are both going to be awesome missionaries, so tell them Congrats for me. 
  Sunday was an extremely long day.  I felt like I hadn't ate in days, instead of just 24 hours.  The Temple walk was wonderful though. It was great to spend some time on the grounds.  We had an awesome devotional that night by Ted Gibbons but he was Willard Richards the whole time. It was way sweet, and just built more upon my testimony of Joseph Smith.  I have had some great classes this week, and I have spent more time praying than I ever have before.  I can tell a difference in my prayers though so that is good.  I am glad I am getting so much spiritualness.  Hopefully I will be ready to teach those Ohioans!
  We leave the MTC on June 12th at 4.  Our plane leaves SLC at 7:10 we fly to GA get there abt 12:47 leave theree 2:20 and get in OH at 3:50. Turns out when we get there we are going to a MoTab concert. So that should be exciting.  It seems like I am more likely to call in GA. So sometime expect a call.
  We had infield training all day yesterday, and it made me excited and nervous at the same time.  I really really like the MTC and I am afraid to leave my teachers and all their answers behind but I keep reminding myself that the Lord will help me because I have put in the work.  Our temple trip was good today. I am glad for the opportunity to go and spend time there.  We started learning our Ohio Mission Song together and it is actually pretty cool.  I really like it!
  Trying to decide what to say to you all is causing me a little anxiety because I don't know all what to say, but my time is growing short so I would like to say that I love you  all and The Church is True!
Much Love Sister Christiansen!

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