Monday, June 24, 2013

Oh hey!

OHHHH hey my favorite people!!!
  So basically I have so much to say that I hope I get it all to you!!!  First off my Birthday was INDEED fabulous!!!!!
  Lets backtrack to the MTC. I met Thurl Bailey's nephew....pretty cool huh? Idk if I already told you that or not, but if I did too bad, because its pretty cool news to me.  I was even the one to ask him about his relation to Thurl because I was dying to know.  He was super cool and yeah....thats all I have to say concerning that.
  As long as I'm on random news, last week I totally drank out of a Speedy Gonzales cup and it reminded me of the Name Game, so that was fun.  Yay for random trivia/news.
  Moving right along this is actually a story for you.  Last week after emails we went grocery shopping and at some point I said Indeed, but it actually totally fit within the context of the situation.  Anyways back to the story I was totally waiting for an echo and I kind of paused and actually waited.  Cole and Dillon I was waiting on one/both of your voices. Funny huh? :)
  Alright so now to some other news. I need you to all do me a favor and keep President Nilson in your prayers.  He wasn't feeling too good and went to the hospital, turns out he has a tumor and they will be operating next Wednesday. So please keep him and his family in your prayers!
  On Monday we met this awesome new investigator named Jason.  I really liked him. One thing I did not like, was the humidity.  We were doing the lesson outside, and I thought I was going to sweat to death and die from the humidity.....well only kind of.
  I have an newfound appreciation for cleanliness.  Not that I didn't like being clean before, but we were helping someone clean their room and it made me really appreciate things like a garbage and vacuum for being invented...just so you know I am being dead serious here!!!!
  Tracting is interesting.   We have had some people look at us and just shake their head and say no, others very quickly tell us their religion and the part it plays in their life and others, I think just don't answer their doors.  It has made me appreciate kind people.
  We had an appointment with 2 girls on Tuesday and they are really awesome.  They are both very much into their bible and are very knowledgeable about it. We took Sister Olsen with us and they liked her as well.  Also her smartphone proved to be quite helpful!  Anyways the lesson went pretty great.  I really liked the way they would ask questions if things didn't make sense to them.  I actually extended baptism to both of them.  They didn't say no, which was fabulous! They both said if it is God's will for them then they will. So hopefully they just keep progressing in their knowledge.
  Zone Conference was really great! It was weird that it was the last time we will see President and Sister Nilson though.  I have become more attached to them than I thought  I would.  We talked about a lot of great things. Like our covenants we have made and the specifics of those covenants and the blessings the Lord has promised us if we keep those covenants.  I really learned a lot.  I felt like my mind was being overloaded with all this awesome pertinent information but not too much of it was actually saturating in my brain....but I loved it.  Also as a side note, the food was simply outstanding!!! The RS sisters that put it together completely won my heart with the food they gave us!! I really could go on about it but, alas I feel like there is more important info to share with you.  We learned of the importance of simplifying and intensifying our message, so we can teach more in a more clear way, also better ways of finding and making sure we make the most of the productive hours of the day.  At the end of ZC we were able to all go thru a line saying goodbye to President and Sister Nilson and then we all had a Golden Bear.  Because go figure it is the official drink of the mission.  I would give it a 6 at most, and that my friends is me being kind. 
  Dinner with the Robinsons was soo fun! They were so nice and we laughed a lot! It was great.  Everyone here is so kind when they feed us.  They are all really great meals, and the company makes the meals that much better!
  On my last day being a teenager we went to visit a LA mem. and we got to see some old airplanes and such. We took pictures, but I forgot my camera so maybe next week I can send you some pictures.
  My Birthday really was very fabulous.  My comps would randomly sing to me thruout the day, and they were so nice.  We had to go get the oil changed in our car, so while that was happening we did our weekly planning in Skyline Chili while we ate some pretty good fries.  While we were out and about we also had lunch at Smashburger. Oh. My. Gosh. That my friends was super enjoyable! I'm just saying :)  Brother Blackham made dinner for me, and it was soo good.  He did steak, potatoes and carrots, grilled zucchini, and the most delicious butterfinger pie!! I was in heaven!!! I really really really loved the cards from everyone!! It really made my day to know that I was loved! Also while I opened my presents my comp took some pictures. Thank you for everything. It is really all very appreciated.
  Skipping ahead...that fireside last night was soo good.  I feel like Missionary work is the Lords main focus right now and it was so amazing to know that I am a part of this.  I am so humbled to know that the Lord places his trust in me.  It is so amazing to see how powerful it is when ward members work with the missionaries.  I really liked having the experience of being out here and then having that fireside so I am actually able to really see the difference of what they were saying and how much it really does affect things.
I love you all so much! and I really appreciated your letters as well.  I wish I could write more, because there is so much more I'd love to say, but I have to go!
Much love
Sister Christiansen

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