Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Hey Errrybody!!!
 Sorry I don't have a ton of time so I only did the emails I remembered off the top of my head.  Convey my deepest apoligies to everyone else for me.  I'll get them next time.  So far so good.  I love it here!! My comp is Sister Johnson and we had an instant kinship since we both went to USU.  My whole district is actually headed to the same mission so it is nice to know that the friends I am making now are friends that I can literally know my whole mission.  There are a few Elders that are 18 which kinda blows me away.  My my I am disappointed Faabs got her call and I had to wait like 5 emails to find out where she was going.  Also to those of you who have written to me, and you know who you are I think you are all absolutely faabulous!!!  So far we have been very busy.  Today is our Pday...obviously... but anyways because of that we got to go the Temple together with our Zone which was awesome.  So the exterior of the Provo Temple wasn't that wonderful, but inside is absolutely GORGEOUS! Also side note I don't know if I already said this, but I really like my current Zone, unfortunately they are all leaving, but my district on Tuesday, but they are so friendly and welcoming to us.  This is honestly the most friendly place on planet earth! Who woulda thunk w/ it being in Provo eh??? But I seriously love it.  Yesterday we met our Branch Presidency and our Sacrament meeting is at 7:30....lucky us huh? Since it is Fast Sunday we do a mission conference instead of RS and Priesthood.  But those are at different times anyways.  Yesterday we did so much personal was kinda insane for me, cuz it was a long time, but I was able to pay attention thruout the whole thing, which is a new thing for me.  Sorry this is everywhere but I don't know what to tell you, because there is seriously so so much.  Meals are excellent here!! Just saying that I am loving the food.  Tomorrow is my first gym time, so I am excited for that.  We have only had one class so far.  I love my teachers, it is kind of like everyone here is on a serious Spiritual high, because you feel it everywhere you go!! Almost like a million Kayd's walking around.  I totally understand what Dillon was talking about with the room parties now.  Yesterday my room and I just started to click. and we are much better friends now! I am even wearing my wolf shirt today, and I was going to send you all some pictures, but I forgot my camera cord so I can't transfer them to you, so if you would like to send me that it would be great.
I love you all.
        Sister Christiansen

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