Monday, July 7, 2014

I live in a zoo!!

  I love you all and I hope that you had a simply fabulous 4th of July! Mom it looks like you had a good birthday, which I am glad to see :) Madison is looking cute as always and Colton looks so snazzy as Elder Ransbottom. Which I am glad to say that I got an email from my new favorite Elder! He sounds like he is doing good. I can't tell you how glad I am to have a missionary buddy nowadays.  There is nothing like the bond you create with the other missionaries, I know that it is something I'll cherish forever!  Alright now for a peek into my crazy life!!
  I am going to start off with something that'll blow your mind......Sister Harding had to go home for a surgery and now I am in a companionship with the Eaton Sisters, because they do not have another companion to give me.  When I'll get a permanent companion is yet to be determined.  Hopefully sometime this week. In the meantime we get to play shuffle and cover both areas........but good news is Sister Harding is supposed to be back in 3 weeks.
  I had a good few stressed out moments when this all went down yesterday. Now, comes the explaining ready for this?
  So we knew that we needed to do a switch so Sister Harding could head back to Utah but we had no idea of when or how it was going to happen.  We called President and Sister Porter but no luck, so we were still doing our thing thru-out the day and then we were in a lesson, and the Assistants called, but Sister Harding didn't answer the phone, however when President called she answered.  Turns out they had looked at the paper wrong, they thought she was flying out at 8 am today.....but it was actually 8pm yesterday, so she came back in and we told the lady we have to go. Not going to lie I wasn't too torn apart to have to leave early!! We were down in Drexel which is a good 20 min from our apartment, and we made it back there. Luckily she had already packed. Then Sister Terry gave us a ride down there. The original plan was to have us drop her off at the mission home, but we took her directly to the airport which was good, b/c we didn't get there till 7:12......nothing like cutting it close right? The Lord works miracles....that is for sure and for certain.
  We had a pretty good week tho.  We found 13 new inv, and that was exciting. It beat my old record.  
  We did some fun chalk drawings for the 4th of July and got kicked out of a park in Downtown Dayton.  That was a first!! No worries, they were super nice about it.  It was fun tho, b/c I got to wear public....but seriously, I love jeans, so all of you that can wear them, truly appreciate them the next time you wear them. I haven't worn my jeans in a year, so that was one of my highlights this past week :)
  Life is crazy!!! I love you all!!! I hope that you know how much this gospel means to me. I know that the Lord has a plan for each and everyone of us, and that He truly knows what is best!
  Oh also the Mission Leadership Council was so inspiring...and I guess you all got to see me, so you know what I look like nowadays.  

        Sister Christiansen

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