Monday, July 14, 2014

Two Area Life

Hey everyone,
  So this week was full of a bajillion miles, a little bit of stress, and some amazing miracles!
  We spent all week going from one area to the next back to the other, and going back and forth and back and forth.  It is somewhat crazy.
  Monday we went and visited some LA's in my area, and then went to Eaton.
  Tuesday we taught the coolest family ever!!! They are the Eaton Sisters investigators, and boy I am glad that I was able to meet them.  They have one of the cutest little girls, and she and I are seriously. She had me play w/ her and everything. It was awesome b/c we had a mem. come out w/ us who had never gone out w/ the Sisters before and she just loved it.  We also got to teach cute Mr. Jeremy. I had dinner w/ the Dunn's and got to spend some quality time w/ Sister Morales she was my replacement companion for a bit.
  Wednesday: We had District Meeting in Eaton and it was a party.  We then taught some of the Eaton Sisters inv, and I really like some of them, and others, namely one is slightly insane. .... no joke tho. He gave us the grossest mineral water from France, like it is literally from France. Think of the Soda Springs water, but in a bottle...... yuck!!!
  Thursday: I got to teach George!! He is still my very, very favorite. Sister Weir ordered some pizza and while we were waiting for it to come we did the lesson.  It went pretty well I thought. No worries this week I did not talk near so much.   :) I think he is making progress. I told him the key to making legit strides, he is still not doing it, but now he knows.  We visited the Blacks w/ Brother Nyberg.  We started watching the Mountain of The Lord.  That is good stuff, you should all check it out!!
  Friday: I was on exchanges w/ the Greenville Sisters.  Thank goodness we were able to teach a bunch of lessons, and get two new inv.  Both of which were from the Spanish Elders.  Good thing I have them around to help me get new investigators.  We had a good lesson w/ a cute girl named Teaa, and I tried to convince her to come to church but alas she did not.
  Saturday: I was back in my regular trio.  We taught the awesome family from Tuesday. And no worries, their daughter still loves me.  We had a good lesson, and the same member came w/ us and had an awesome experience again.  We taught a few la's in their area, and one of their cute investigators again. Then we headed off to the Morales had a good dinner, and went back to their area. We were able to find some cute investigators....but I guess only one counted seeing as her daughter is 8....bummer eh? Oh well.
  Sunday: Sister Terry was my all day companion.  In a very literal sense we were together from 8 in the morning till 9:30 last night.  We had a good ward council where one of the Stake Presidencies talked abt a Presentation that President Porter and President Valencia put together.  Our stake has some pretty lofty goals, but hey it always gives us something to work towards.  We taught a pretty cool inv who had a Finding Faith in Christ passalong card in his drawer, so he pulled it out and called and we have a cool new inv.  He is interesting, but is all looking forward to our next lesson w/ him.  We had dinner w/ the Dunns again. and Mom I have a suggestion for you. Next time you make homemade pizza you should put zucchini on it. Sister Dunn asked me what I miss most, and so I told her pizza and she fed me some absolutely fabulous pizza yesterday. They remind me a lot of Robyn and Kent, they are a really cute little family.  Brother Dunn got me all updated on NBA free agents. My goodness I can't believe LJ went back to the only question is Jordan do you now root for them, or do you stay w/ Miami Heat?? Also I am super glad that UT matched the offer for G-Time, I would have been devastated to lose him!!  We had a good visit w/ Sister Mosier.
  All in all it was a super successful week. We were able to hit Leadership standards in both areas, which is so  amazing.  I'm telling you what God's Grace truly attended us on being able to do so.

Have an awesome week! Also if you wouldn't mind praying that I get a companion so we don't have to keep doing the back and forth all this week, I would be super excited!!
Oh and I get to see President this week, b/c we have interviews tomorrow.
Love you!!
           Sister Christiansen

Sister Weir, she's the best!!

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