Thursday, July 24, 2014

Prayers Work!!

Hey guess what?!?
  All of your prayers must have been super powerful, because I got a new companion on Monday.  President gave me a ring on Monday afternoon, and first off congratulated us on hitting leadership in both areas, because that was 20 bajillion miracles all in one, and then he told me that I was getting a new companion that night, but that the Assistants would call with the details. Don't worry it only took them a few hours to actually get back to me, I was dying w/ anticipation, but it was all worth it!
  The Assistants helped make one of my dreams come true, because I got to be alone in my car for a half hour.  Nothing like a car ride....alone!!!! Really it was fabulous. I followed the other Sisters to their apartment so we could leave a car there, and then go about our Missionary life until it was time to get my new com-padre. We didn't leave to meet them until after 8, so it was a late night....but it was all exciting stuff.
  So the news you are all dying to here is. My new companion is Sister Colton, she is awesome. She is also an Aggie. We are the same age. She is also from Utah....we are a bunch of those regular boring missionaries right? both from UT, members our whole lives and all that jazz. But we have had so much fun together. She is from Alpine.  If you have any other questions let me know, and I'll attempt to answer them.
  Continuing right along Tuesday was interview day with President and Sister Porter.  We were traveling down there, and the GPS wasn't in it wouldn't get the info needed from the satellites to direct us there. So we called the Elders while we were driving in Dayton, and they ended up directing us on a 10 minute detour...we were actually really close to making it to Centerville all on our own with out a GPS, but I got a little too nervous and didn't trust myself, but ohh well. The good news  is we did make it there....eventually. Since we are the Sister Training Leaders we didn't have to do some of the things required of the other missionaries, and instead got to be over those things. So I got to sit in and evaluate and be the investigator to most of the companionships in our zone. It was super fun!!!  
  I also got to have grand interviews with Sister Porter, and then with President as well. Every time I am around them they make me feel like a rockstar. They are so complimentary, I practically thrive off of it. But it was super awesome. I had a grand time with President!!! I really think he will be an Apostle one day, and then I will have the opportunity of saying that I know him.  
  We went and had one super awkward contact, but no worries, she became a new investigator.
  We have a pretty awesome investigator named Dan that we have taught almost everyday this week. He even came to a baptism in Downtown Dayton on Saturday, so that was fun.  
  We  have started to utilize this one member in our ward, he is an absolute rockstar!!! He makes magic happen so that is good news.
  We had a new family move into the ward this last week, and this week we took her out teaching with us. She is soooo super amazing.  One of my new favorites to take out teaching that is for sure. The lesson we had w/ her was soo super spiritually amazing!!! and the 2 investigators we were teaching both accepted a soft baptismal invite, and then committed to church so that was awesome.
  We went on exchanges w/ Eaton on Saturday and  Sister Hall and I spent some extra time down in D-Town after the baptism. We met some awesome people, and one of which actually went to church and became a new investigator on Sunday for the Elders.  Cool beans huh? We had a miracle of miracles happen yesterday. We had 6 investigators at church. The 2 that had committed earlier in the week. But then we (Sis. Colton and I ) were down right terrified when we walked into gospel principles, b/c wouldn't you know it the lesson being taught was.....D&C 89. I wanted to take them and walk them to a different place, b/c we have only taught them once. The lesson was super spiritual tho, and they were okay with it so that was good. I just hope that it doesn't scare them away at all.
  So we almost didn't hit Leadership this week. We still hadn't found the required amount of investigators, and it was after 8:30 (which has been termed the holy half in our mission) so we were soo, soo, blessed by God to be able to find a new investigator. It might be pride that pushed me on, but hey since we are in Leadership we have to hit it....every week, that is the point I see.
Gracie congratulations on your baptism!!!! That is so awesome!! I am so excited that you were able to be baptized. And as a Missionary, I can tell you that there is nothing better than seeing someone make that special promise to God that you just did!!! Way to go girly! :)
Thank you for all your love and support! I love you all sooooo much. Happy Pioneer day this week....celebrate it for me, b/c no one really cares about it out here :)
Last but not least. Happy Birthday to my favorite 26 year old on planet earth!!!! Karrie you are my shining star, and I hope you know that you are better than the best!!!!  I love you lots and lots!!!
The church is true, and God answers prayers, even if they are something as weird as wanting a companionship of 2.
Have a killer week!

        Sister Christiansen

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