Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy 4th of July!!

Hello, Hello,
  So sorry last week was a bit of a downer email, but seeing the cause its understandable right?  I have a hand written letter, don't fall down or anything but I did make an attempt today :) I promise I really do love you all, and I am super grateful for all your love and support, especially for my birthday it was great!! Thank you for the letters, cards, gifts and such. You are all my favorites.  
  I have a few random things to say and then it will be an abbreviated mulosh okay?
 Colton Good Luck!!! You are going to love being a Missionary, its simply the Best. Have someone write down the setting apart blessing tho, b/c you'll want that, it's super special!!!!!
  Phillip did indeed get baptized, so it was a long time coming but a Baptism finally happened.
  I am still a Sister Training Leader......
  Englewood is not the same w/out Sister Schmitt. Its still good, but not the same.
  Happy Fourth of July this week!
  HAPPY BIG BIRTHDAY MOM....MOTHER.....MA......MOMMA...........MOOOOOOMMMMM! I can practically hear my voice on your phone....hahaha! I hope your big Birthday Bash is all that and a little more.
  Monday we packed...it was an all-day adventure. I was even gifted some new things.
   Tuesday I had a delicious donut for breakfast, not that I needed it or even wanted it, but it was good nonetheless. Transfer meeting was good, President had lots of good things to say that I needed to hear, but boy oh boy I was downright nervous, and seriously lacking a desire to be there.  But hey guess what? I bet you never guessed. I got a new companion and she is awesome. She is from Utah and her name starts with Sister and ends with Harding.  She is super nice and I think it'll be good. I told Sister Schmitt that I am praying to be transferred so I can see her one last time before she goes home.  A set of Sisters got doubled into Greenville and they have been living w/ us. They are moving out sometime this week, either tomorrow or Wed. They are super cute and its fun living w/ multiple again. But just as before it'll be nice to be back to regular life, w/ just the 2 of us.
  Wednesday oh I forgot to tell you Elder Crawford is my new Zone Leader, and I already know him so that's nice. My new District Leader is Elder Campbell and I know him as well, so that is also good. Phillip passed his interview, in case you were wondering.....
  Thurs: We got to spend some time w/ Sister Haas, because they fed us dinner. I love her, she's awesome. Jeremy got to see the church and he seemed to like it so that is good news.
  Friday: It was a weirdish day. I did get to see the Dayton Air Show a bit, b/c we were out and about as they happened to be up in the sky above us.  I even got a picture of all 6 of them.  Cool story huh? Phillip was late to his own baptism, but the good news is that he was there.  There were 10 missionaries there, so that was kinda cool. The spirit was uberly strong and I really loved being there. Plus Sister Schmitt was able to come back and I was soo, soooo, soooooo excited to see her again.  She told me it was almost worse to say good-bye the second time. I had told her a little bit ago that Companionships are like mini-marriages, and transfers are like divorces.  She told me when we saw each other again that it really was like we had gotten a divorce.  But it was great to have her there, esp, since she did all the teaching from the get-go. I was just the tagalong but the good news is they seem to like me too, so I'll take it :)
  Random sidenote: Alison I hope that your birthday was great. I was slightly distracted last week and forgot to say anything!! But Happy Birthday....even if it is late
  Saturday: Sister Dunn came out w/ us. One problem our appointment was cancelled but we needed to come up w/ something w/ her and luckily we did.  It just was a bit of an adventure.  She was cool w/ it tho.  We had some good stories going in the car so that was good. Zane one of my favorite YM came out w/ us for a bit, unfortunately things didn't go as planned, but hey we were able to spend some quality time w/ him.  We saw a bit more of the airshow, helped Sister Terry plant some of her 241 strawberry plants, worked on helping her put together her aquaponics thing...that was cool.  We had dinner w/ the Morales which is always fun, and good.  Sister Crumb came out w/ us and we got caught in a downpour.  I should maybe find my umbrella. We'll see I get sorta lazy and I don't always love to dig thru my suitcases.  
  Sunday: Jeremy came to church!!!! Hallelujah! We had 3 at church and it was exciting b/c 2 of them it was their first time so that was cool. We had linger-longer after church, and it was all good, but it was all carbs.  Nothing like a good carbo loading food session. :) We didn't have to use any miles yesterday....thank goodness about that.  We also visited an Alzheimer patient and I just could not find anything to talk w/ him about b/c he is just that far gone, so that was interesting!!! But all in all it was a good day.
  Today: we went on a walk w/ Brother McMurtry and other such fun things.  

I love you lots and lots!!!

Also here is my copy from my letter to President:
 This last week has been crazy! Its been good besides the fact that I'm going through separation anxiety not being w/ Sister Schmitt, but I figure its like going through withdrawals, since I've been with her for so long.  I really, really love her and I am so grateful that I was able to be with her, because I learned so much.
  Phillip's Baptism was great.  It was good to see him so happy about making it into the water.  He had some trials but being the determined person he is he just plowed right through them and was baptized.  Some of his family did not want to come but he brought them anyways, and we were way late getting going, but it was all worth it.  He is so, so happy, and it was great to have such a strong spirit there.  I know that he is destined to do great things, and I am excited that I got to be a small part of it.
  I am glad that you talked about Thinking to God at Transfers, because I really need to get better at it.  I like to mull things over in my mind and I know that if I instead take it to God things will be resolved quicker and more effectively.  

Have a great week!!!

         Sister Christiansen
 Its my favorite..... Jeremy!
 This is the cake the Elders gave me! It was a good one :)
 This is Sister Schmitt's copy of our Friday night adventures. :)

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